Consulting in equipment and systems

for transportation infrastructures, vehicles and mobility.

Data modeling for industries and services,

advanced training.

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25 years of success with professional and certified senior engineers.

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Logma contributes to many projects in France, in Europe and in the world



For over 25 years logma has been providing consulting services in the transport and mobility ecosystem. Recognized for many years for the implementation of technologies and infrastructures for Electronic Toll Collection, Logma supported the various players in the electronic toll industry in Europe and around the world. More recently, logma has contributed to the analysis and implementation of intelligent systems for the improvement or control of mobility in urban areas or smartcities.



  • Project Management assistance and services

  • Technical and contractual expertise, specifications, conformity, qualification

  • Modeling of complex systems

  • Education and training

Roads & Vehicles


  • Tolling & Electronic Tolling

  • Parking Equipment & Systems

  • Traffic management & control

  • Road users information

  • Automatic Incident Detection

  • Standardization (CEN, ISO, ETSI)



  • Payment & users information

  • Access control & security

  • Central mangement

  • Control & monitoring

  • Safety & security

Analysis & Training


Modelization, simulation and optimization :

  • Cases simulations

  • Traffic and process optimization

  • Risk evaluation

  • Advanced training in Excel and Business Intelligence (by Microsoft MVP expert


LOGMA Consulting mainly provides

services in :

  • Project management

  • Technical and contractual expertise

  • Equipment and system specifications

  • Preparation of consultation files

  • Design of complex systems

  • Assistance for project management

  • Concession modelisation

  • Systems modeling

  • Education and Training


Roads and Vehicles

Tolls and Tolls

Management and control of road traffic

Road  users information

Automatic incident detection

Emergency call networks (RAU, PAU, PCA, ...)


Get qualified assistance right away



What could you get from us now !

Beyond our presence on your project for helping you to achieve your goals, LOGMA Consulting proposes the following documents to download:​

Couverture CentraleSupelec Mars 2021.jpg

LOGMA vous accompagne depuis 40 ans !


Parution dans Centrale Supélec Alumni - Mars 2021

40 ans d'expertise.pdf

Document Adobe Acrobat 1.3 MB


Même la mobilité est désormais intelligente !


Article rédigé par François Malbrunot (LOGMA) dans Centrale Supélec Alumni - Nov 2020

La mobilité intelligente.pdf

Document Adobe Acrobat 1.3 MB

Le service du télépéage en France, Télépéage Inter Sociétés (TIS), un des plus grands systèmes interopérables au monde


Article rédigé par François Malbrunot (LOGMA), Gwenaëlle Toulminet (ASFA), Nicolas Schwab (Vinci Autoroutes)

Le savoir-faire français.pdf

Document Adobe Acrobat 3.9 MB

Péage en flux libre


Article rédigé par François MALBRUNOT, vice-président ATEC ITS FRANCE, directeur général de LOGMA Consulting

TEC 215.pdf

Document Adobe Acrobat 3.3 MB


Francois Malbrunot_edited.png
Senior Consultant

Equipment and Systems (Electronics, Computing, Telecommunications) of Transport Infrastructures since 1995.

  • Safety and Security

  • Road Telematics, Road and Parking Equipment

  • Road tolls and car parks

  • Automation systems in industry

  • Automation systems sorting and baggage handling (Airports)


Modeling with Excel :

  • Microsoft Excel MVP since 2009

  • Creation of Excel models of all levels and in all areas

  • Improvement of existing Excel models (flexibility, size, calculation time)

  • Risk modeling, in particular with the Excel add-in "Crystal Ball"

  • Inter and / or intra training at Excel (various levels) and Crystal Ball

  • Hervé Thiriez has created > 1,000 models for > 100 companies in > 10 countries

  • The only French consultant to have been a Microsoft Excel MVP for > 10 years

Senior  Consultant

Hardware, Software and Systems for Transport Infrastructures, Tolls and Car Parks.

  • Telematics transport: sensors, actuators, vehicle / fixed equipment communications, systems

  • Equipment and systems for tolls stations

  • Equipment and systems for parkings

  • Project management and control, project management assistance, international actions

Bertrand Ricord_edited.png
Bertrand RICORD
Senior Consultant

Equipment and Systems (Electronics, Computing, Automation).

  • Transport / toll infrastructure

  • Aerospace, Defense, Nuclear, Petrochemical

  • Project Management / Business Management

  • Assistance to project management, project management, coordination

  • Engineering (Studies, Specifications, Implementation Monitoring, Integration, Test & Validation)

Senior Consultant

Expertise in motorway operation (including ETC ITS) and transport infrastructure

Project management and coordination in international environments.

  • Collection of tolls (including electronic toll and interoperability)

  • Traffic and Security Management (Including ITS)

  • Asset management, staff organization

  • Marketing, Communication and Customer Management

Frederic LE GUEN
Senior Consultant

Professor at Essec on Advanced Excel,

Consultant and Trainer:

  • Microsoft MVP since 2011

  • Design of Business Intelligence projects, data analysis and processing of information sources

  • Migration of projects developed in VBA under Excel and Access



  • Contract management 

  • Purchase services

  • Invoicing services

  • Logistic

Senior Consultant

Equipment and Systems (Electronics, IT, Telecommunications) of Transport Infrastructures since 1989.

  • Road telematics, road and car park equipment

  • Telecommunication systems (Fiber Optic networks, IP field network)

  • Users information systems (radio, PMV)

  • Central monitoring systems (control, command, supervision, management)

  • Automatic enforcement systems

  • Assistance to project management, project management, coordination

  • Carrying out studies, general, detailed, conceptual functional specifications, feasibility studies, requirements specifications

Senior Consultant

ITS for infrastructure and vehicles, V2X communications, equipment and systems (project management and control, project management assistance, training).

  • Mobility, road safety, infrastructure

  • Data exchange for road infrastructure and operation (Datex II)

  • Cooperative systems (C-ITS)

  • Cartographic database and geographic information systems

  • CEN and ISO standardization

  • International actions

Emmanuel BATAILLE_edited.png
Senior Consultant

Motorway operation and transport infrastructure.

  • Infrastructure and Integration of Business Applications

  • Management of technical and functional projects (Agile method)

  • Team management (internal and external resources)

  • Realization of specifications and technical contribution to calls for tenders

  • Implementation of complex hardware and software architectures, private cloud and high availability

  • Implementing Security Management Environments

Pierre-Louis OUVRARD
Senior  Consultant

Smart City Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Systems, Services and Lighting:

  • Road telematics and road equipment

  • Urban and interurban PPPs

  • Energy performance contracts (ESCO), in public and private lighting

  • Service contracts and customer relationship optimization

Jean-Dominique LYS_edited.png
Jean-Dominique LYS
Senior Consultant

Consultant in the area of product / process quality and lean manufacturing, in the automotive field, since 1992.

  • Process audit, incident processing, AMDEC, ...

  • Material flow control

  • 5S, standardization of workstations, SMED, TPM, ..

Frederic Ruiz
Senior Consultant

Expert ICT (Information & Communication Technologies).

  • Equipement, system and digital services

  • Cellular, satellite, radio, IP networks

  • Embedded software, Cloud architecture, data mining

  • Security environnement management

  • Complex software & Hardware architectures, private Cloud, high availability

  • Strategy and innovations




12, Rue d'Anjou - 78000 Versailles - France



23, Avenue du Progrès - 78000 Versailles - France



Tél : +33 963 621 949

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