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About us and our areas of expertise


For over 25 years logma has been providing consulting services in the transport and mobility ecosystem.
Recognized for many years for the implementation of technologies and infrastructures for Electronic Toll Collection, Logma supported the various players in the electronic toll industry in Europe and around the world.
More recently, logma has contributed to the analysis and implementation of intelligent systems for the improvement or control of mobility in urban areas or smartcities.

Our missions

Our missions

Project management assistance (AMO)
and project management (AMOE)
and services

Technical and contractual expertise,
specifications, conformity, qualification

Modeling of complex systems

Education and training

Roads & Vehicles

Roads & Vehicles

Tolling & Electronic Tolling

Parking Equipment & Systems

Traffic management & control

Road users information

Automatic Incident Detection

Standardization (CEN, ISO, ETSI)

Transportation Infrastructure

Transportation Infrastructure

Payment & users information

Access control & security

Central mangement

Control & monitoring

Safety & security

Analysis & Training

Analysis & Training

Modelization, simulation and optimization :

Cases simulations

Traffic and process optimization

Risk evaluation

Advanced training in Excel and Business Intelligence
(by Microsoft MVP expert)

Overview in pictures ...

Our areas of expertise

Project management

Technical and contractual expertise

Equipment and system specifications

Preparation of consultation files

Design of complex systems

Assistance for project management

Concession modelisation

Systems modeling

Education and Training

Roads and Vehicles

Roads and Vehicles

Tolls and Tolls, Management and control of road traffic, Road users information, Automatic incident detection, Emergency call networks (RAU, PAU, PCA, …)

Transport Infrastructure

Transport Infrastructure

Payment & information,
Access control and security Management,
Control and Monitoring Center,

Simulation Design Optimization

Simulation Design Optimization

Smart City and Lighting, Road traffic, toll station, airport baggage handling, industrial process, logistics … Risk Assessment.
Francois Malbrunot
À la demande de Pierre, dans cette tribune, je me limite ici aux véhicules automobiles (voitures particulières et véhicules commerciaux légers, bus et poids lourds), dont le parc en France est de 45 millions d’unités, dont moins de 5 % sont retirés annuellement de la circulation et un peu plus de 5 % véhicules neufs sont immatriculés chaque année (chiffres moyens sur la période 2011/2019). Ces véhicules assurent les mobilités terrestres pour 87% des déplacements de voyageurs …